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The Esprit

Just when you thought you couldn’t enjoy the benefits of a full featured swimming pool in a small backyard, Leisure Pools is proud to introduce you to the Esprit.


Generous Dimensions

At 5.70m in length, the Esprit offers ample space for both swimming and relaxation.

Flat Bottom Floor

Ideal for pool games and playful activities.

Full-Length Bench Seat

Provides a continuous seating area for relaxation, while also allowing kids to walk and swim along its length.

Space-Efficient Design

The bench configuration enables the Esprit to fit snugly in tight spaces, be it close to the house or a boundary fence.

Swim Jet Compatibility

Perfect for those who want the experience of swimming laps without the need for a long pool. The jets provide resistance, allowing for effective swimming in a compact space.

Versatile Exit Points

Located at both ends of the bench, offering flexibility in installation and access.

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