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Pool Colours

Palette For Your Space

Dive into a diverse and exquisite array of fiberglass pool shades, tailored to
let you personalise and elevate the aesthetic of your Leisure Pools sanctuary.

Sapphire Blue

The Shimmer Range

Our most popular fibreglass pool colour selection due to its cool, refreshing appearance. A bold, vibrant colour that invites you into its crisp waters.

Crystal Blue

The Shimmer Range

One of our most popular pool colours, inspiring the bliss of a calming paradise getaway. For many, this presents purity, serenity and a more relaxed approach to life by the water.

Graphite Grey

The Shimmer Range

Sparkles shine against a deep grey, producing an exuberant stamp on what many consider the “traditional” pool colour. It delivers a classic but contemporary tone to your pool experience.

Silver Grey

The Shimmer Range

This colour provides a very natural look to your pool with soft, balanced tones within its lighter grey background. It is our homage to pristine beachside waters.

Ebony Blue

The Shimmer Range

A bold, dramatic and showcase colour. Like a mood ring in the sun, light reflects off the surface of your pool in a stunning display of contemporary style and modern design.

Diamond Sand

The Shimmer Range

Recreate a true beachfront experience with soft, natural lighting. You can almost hear the gulls in the backyard as you wiggle your toes in the sand.


The Shimmer Range

Tropical tones combines are combined in this fibreglass pool colour to promote an environment that is unique and adventurous, providing a stunning compliment to exciting landscaping design options.

Shimmer White

The Shimmer Range

Sophisticated, timeless and subtle in its beauty. Shimmer White is sure to impress and promote a sense of serenity and classic appeal for years to come.


The Granitech Range

Mimicking the shades of ocean waves, this mid blue tone creates a refreshing and serene atmosphere that brings a sense of tranquility and calmness to your pool area.


The Granitech Range

Creating a sense of strength and balance, the monotone hues of Lavastone draw inspiration from volcanic shorelines where sparkling black sand slips away to the white foam of the sea.


The Granitech Range

Natural beauty and elegance are personified, inspiring calmness, and tranquility to your space. The versatility of Opal’s bright white base is the perfect central colour to complement a vast array of home and landscaping styles.


The Granitech Range

This spectacular shade seamlessly blends with its surroundings creating an authentic and harmonious environment as though you’ve immersed yourself with nature itself.

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