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The Acclaim

If you want to turn your backyard into a beautiful, tropical lagoon, then look no further than The Acclaim. The High Waterline design provides a unique, innovative, and modern swimming pool. It’s a breakthrough in pool design and technology. Plenty of room for the whole family, friends, neighbours and distant relatives. You’re going to be popular!


Patented High Waterline Design

Incorporates two weirs and hidden skimmer boxes for efficient water skimming.

Near-Full Water Capacity

Unlike traditional pools, the Acclaim can be filled close to its top, transforming it into a picturesque tropical lagoon.

Efficient Debris Removal

Even when nearly full, it effectively skims off surface debris.

Strategically Placed Steps

Minimalistic yet perfectly arranged for easy access.

Convenient Swim-Out Benches

Designed for relaxation and ease.

Expansive Splash Deck

Spans the entire width of the shallow end, providing a vast play area for kids and a sun-soaking spot for all.

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